Thursday, July 24, 2014

How to make Lace Necklaces/Bracelets (Choker Version)

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This project is extremely easy all you really need is lace or a strip of fabric.
You will need: 
glue/glue gun
needle and thread
decorations (strings of beads, charms, ribbon)
findings or buttons 
Version 1: White
This version of the choker is simpler to make and more feminine.
Measure out matching lengths of pearls and ribbon that matches the circumference of your neck. Then cover the edges of the cut lace with clear nail lacquer.
Next sew on the closure pieces onto each end of the lace. Then sew the charm directly on the middle under the lace which lines the lace. To make the objects extra secure, add hot glue or fabric glue onto the knots made by the thread. 
Lastly sew/glue on any decorations and Tada!, you're done!
Version 2: Black and Blue
This version is a darker and more mature version.
This time you need a stronger piece of lace to support a bigger center piece. Again measure it to be the same size as your neck with a little extra so you can add a button. To make the necklace you are going to need to cover the white lace in a sponged layer of black fabric paint. Make sure you don't cover it completely because it won't give off the same effect when done. For the charm i mixed black nail polish and black paint together so that when you apply the paint it will be chunkier and not fall off. Again I did not completely cover the metal in black so that it could have a matching effect.
If you are looking for a similar charm, this came from a broken earring that I had. I just broke off the top loop and covered the old and dull gems in nail varnish. When applying this heavy piece to the necklace, I recommend first gluing it on with a strong glue and then also sewing it on tightly. 

 Lastly I fished blue ribbon through the holes except for one and glued it down. The reason for leaving one open is to make a hole for a button. For the button i used an oval shaped button around the width of the hole and sewed it onto the front of the other side. Then I glued on  a small bow made from the same ribbon right above the charm. And TADA! You're done. 
Hope you liked this~

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

No-Sew How to Up-cycle Old Socks or Tights! DIY

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This is one of my favorite fashion DIYs because it's so fast, and cute! Pretty much all you do is grab an old pair of socks or tights and glue on lace. For mine I pretty much just used a pair of tights that were too short for me (Kid sized haha) and cut the leg proportions off.
Next I grabbed an object that was about the same size of my leg and big enough to get the sock over my foot when it was done. I found that I big roll of tape works the best. 
Also! Don't forget to flip the sock inside out and then put it on the roll. Neatly, I flipped the edges in a bit and glued it down with fabric glue, but super glue works as well.
Then i chose some lace that I like and measured the length with a little extra to match the circumference of the sock opening.  I then glued that on top of the already glued and folded piece of fabric. 

Now just let it dry and then flip it inside-out again. Tada! You now have a super amazingly cute pair of socks! This project also looks good on short socks too! 
What you need: 
Socks or tights
fabric glue/ glue gun
and object big enough to wrap the opening of the sock on
<3 <3<3<3<3<3

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Remodeling Soap ~ Great Gift Idea

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Do you ever have random bars of soap that have been sitting around your house for the past few years collecting dust? I know I do, the soap bars I used are originally from the dollar store and are by the brand pear. It's a super simple and way to use soap. But, if you are a child please have a parent helping you because it can be very hot. This project is also a bit messy but isn't hard to clean considering it's soap. : ) The different ideas and patterns are endless!
The materials I used are: 
Trader Joe's Lavender oil
Coconut Oil
Random soap bars
food coloring (chalk pastel works too)
cookie cutters
Microwave(hot water works too)
Let's begin! So I put a hunk of soap into a small bowl. Then i added a spoonful of coco oil because is makes the soap softer on the skin as well as Lavender oil mainly for the smell. 
Then I chucked it into the microwave for around 1 minute. (big mistake) I recommend putting it in for 15-20 seconds at a time otherwise it expands and blows up all over your microwave. When it's done it should be a liquid. So, another alternative is putting the bowl of soap into a bowl of hot water, but that tends to take a lot longer.
  Generally this is what it looks like.
Here I'm just adding food coloring to it for a cooler color.

So before the liquidized soap dries quickly pour it into molds. Excuse these messy photos. : >
Once they're dry you can pop them out of the mold and tada
The finished product should look something like these hopefully. 
: )

Decorating Old or Plain Books for School (2 simple ideas!)

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First I just grabbed some random old sketchbooks and school books then I grabbed random items to put onto it!

I didn't exactly know what I was going to do with the front since it's kind of a fabric and washi tape wasn't going to stick to that. So I modged some card stock onto the front.

Since I had already Gotten the modge out i grabbed some shreds of origami paper and a sticky note and modged that on too.

AND TADA! You have made a very cute book that won't look like anyone else's : )

Idea 2:

Once again I grabbed an old school book and took out all the pages that were used. This time I printed out some Rilakkuma patterns from the interwebs and grabbed some paper doilies from my box of scraps .
Again I modged it on and smoothed out all the air bubbles.

I added the doily and modged it on in the middle of the book for a cuter look. Then i folded it around to the inside of the cover rather than cutting it for a cleaner look!
You could stop it there or just keep decorating like I did. I put ribbon around the edges of the picture to make it look cleaner, then i added a heart of mod podge and sparkles on the doily to make it almost look like a heart lock. The little sparkly stone was a last minute idea. But yeah! Tada hope you like it and that it can help you in any way or form!
Here are some other ideas as well!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Blogn Blogn Blogn

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This is a new my new blog meant for kawaii creations, tutorials and ideas! I hope it proves useful and helps others make their everyday objects more amazing! : )

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