Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Decorating Old or Plain Books for School (2 simple ideas!)

Posted by Emily Jean at 5:22 PM

First I just grabbed some random old sketchbooks and school books then I grabbed random items to put onto it!

I didn't exactly know what I was going to do with the front since it's kind of a fabric and washi tape wasn't going to stick to that. So I modged some card stock onto the front.

Since I had already Gotten the modge out i grabbed some shreds of origami paper and a sticky note and modged that on too.

AND TADA! You have made a very cute book that won't look like anyone else's : )

Idea 2:

Once again I grabbed an old school book and took out all the pages that were used. This time I printed out some Rilakkuma patterns from the interwebs and grabbed some paper doilies from my box of scraps .
Again I modged it on and smoothed out all the air bubbles.

I added the doily and modged it on in the middle of the book for a cuter look. Then i folded it around to the inside of the cover rather than cutting it for a cleaner look!
You could stop it there or just keep decorating like I did. I put ribbon around the edges of the picture to make it look cleaner, then i added a heart of mod podge and sparkles on the doily to make it almost look like a heart lock. The little sparkly stone was a last minute idea. But yeah! Tada hope you like it and that it can help you in any way or form!
Here are some other ideas as well!


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