Wednesday, July 23, 2014

No-Sew How to Up-cycle Old Socks or Tights! DIY

Posted by Emily Jean at 6:37 PM
This is one of my favorite fashion DIYs because it's so fast, and cute! Pretty much all you do is grab an old pair of socks or tights and glue on lace. For mine I pretty much just used a pair of tights that were too short for me (Kid sized haha) and cut the leg proportions off.
Next I grabbed an object that was about the same size of my leg and big enough to get the sock over my foot when it was done. I found that I big roll of tape works the best. 
Also! Don't forget to flip the sock inside out and then put it on the roll. Neatly, I flipped the edges in a bit and glued it down with fabric glue, but super glue works as well.
Then i chose some lace that I like and measured the length with a little extra to match the circumference of the sock opening.  I then glued that on top of the already glued and folded piece of fabric. 

Now just let it dry and then flip it inside-out again. Tada! You now have a super amazingly cute pair of socks! This project also looks good on short socks too! 
What you need: 
Socks or tights
fabric glue/ glue gun
and object big enough to wrap the opening of the sock on
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