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4 Super Easy Flower Hair Ties ♥ ♥ ♥ Back 2 School!

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(I know this picture shows 3 but there are 4 I swear)
You will need:
hair ties
hot glue/fabric glue
needle and thread
Version 1: 
For this flower hair tie you first need to cut out five round circles about 2~3 inches in diameter.

Next grab your needle and thread and simply sew the edges of the circle loosely. Then when you finish tighten the thread so that all the edges of the fabric meet in the middle. Lastly fill it with a bit of stuffing and tightly tie it off. It should look like this:
(sorry for blur) 
You should have five when you finish. Then cut out two circles of felt around 2~3 inches and glue the petals around the edge an put your bead/decoration int eh middle. Finally glue the hair tie to the middle of the second felt piece and glue the felt pieces together 

Version 2:

Once again you need to make about 4 ~5 2~3 inch circles depending on how you want your flower to look. Then you are going to want to fold them all in half and loosely sew the round part of your semi-circle. Make sure you have a very long piece of thread since your are going to use it for all of the circles. So when you are done sewing the semi-circle pull the string tight so you have a bunched up piece of fabric which is the petal. Repeat four to five times. It should look like this:
When I finished I sewed on some pearl beads in different sizes. Then fasten the hair tie like before and you're done!
Version 3:
For this one you don't really need to sew any thing unless you want to, but you will need a bunch of square pieces of fabric and the size doesn't really matter depending on how you want it to look. 
For this the easiest way is to use hot glue. First you need to fold the square in half and put a tiny dab of glue where the biggest points meet. Then you are going to need to fold the sides into the point that you had just glued creating a diamond shape. Put a dab of glue where the three points meet. then lastly fold the diamond in half and repeat that with all the other squares.
glue them all onto a round piece of felt around the edges and put the remainder in the middle. I added a clear plastic bead to mine and attached the hair tie to it like the rest.
Version 4: 

For this you are going to need a pretty thick piece of fabric. For this version you only need 5 5 inch or so squares. You are going to need to fold and glue them the same way as version 3. The only difference is that instead of gluing the last fold together making it a right triangle shape, you need to fold those edges inward and glue. also when gluing make sure to flatten the petal. It should look something like this. Repeat this for all 5 and then glue the suckers together.
 I glued on some decorations and tada! Done, Hope you found this usefull

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Update!!! Back to School

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The next bunch on DIY posts will only be school related. : )

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